Windrush Working Group

A Windrush Working Group was set up in March 2021.  Chaired by Robert Thomas, Professor of Law at Manchester University, the group aims to ensure that people claiming compensation have their claims adjudicated fairly, accurately and in a timely manner; and that the complaints process is efficient, accessible and fair.  Members include pro bono lawyers and advisors, the Independent Adjudicator, the Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman, the Independent Advisor to the scheme, academics, claimants with ‘lived experience’ and and Dechert LLP.

The group will have the following aims:

– To improve evidence-gathering, assessment and decision-making by the Home Office;

– To improve Home Office guidance on tariffs, criteria and evidence required;

– To reduce wait times for claimants seeking compensation;

– To improve Home Office communication with claimants on the progress of their claim;

– To streamline the complaints process and increase accessibility and remit of complaint handlers; and

– To ensure compensation appeals mechanisms are adequate, accessible and effective.

The group will publish a report in early Autumn 2021.