Steering Group

The Steering Group sets the direction and agenda for the Council and acts as an advisory group to the Chair of the Council. The Steering Group consists of a core group from the full Council including representatives from each panel.  The Steering Group meets every three months and discusses issues to put forward to the Council for consideration.


  • Sir Keith Lindblom (Chair), Senior President of Tribunals
  • Rosemary Agnew, Scottish Public Services Ombudsman
  • Fiona Rutherford, JUSTICE
  • Donal Galligan, Ombudsman Association
  • Paul Yates, Freshfields (Pro Bono Panel)
  • Professor Linda Mulcahy, University of Oxford (co-chair, Academic Panel)
  • Professor Joe Tomlinson, York University (co-chair, Academic Panel)
  • Sir Peter Lane, President of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber of the Upper Tribunal
  • Heidi Bancroft, Secretary to the Administrative Justice Council
  • Lindsey Poole, Director of Advice Services Alliance (Chair, Advice Sector Panel)
  • Diane Sechi, Simmons & Simmons/South West London Law Centre (Pro Bono Panel, Advice Sector Panel)
  • Dr Natalie Byrom, Legal Education Foundation
  • Bill Dowse, Ministry of Justice