Pro Bono Panel

The Pro Bono Panel consists of city law firms who, through practice, have hands on experience through advising and challenging administrative decisions from public bodies.  They work in areas such as early advice, ombudsman complaints, social security and asylum support.

The role of the panel is to provide research and advice to the Council and to provide a resource for Council and panel meetings. The panel are currently pursuing two research projects:

Topic 1

Monitoring the development and effectiveness by HMCTS and others of “Stage 1” (Briggs) automated triage and information / guidance and research whether users of the new online interface can navigate the system effectively with the assistance available (including “assisted digital”).

Topic 2 

To conduct research into the use of “polluter pays” mechanisms in order to inform a proposal for one-way fees within the tribunal system for unlawful first decisions and/or material breach of tribunal rules.