The Administrative Justice Council, chaired by Sir Ernest Ryder (former Senior President of Tribunals), brings together senior judiciary, members of Ombudsman schemes, academics and pro bono lawyers and advice providers to improve and reform administrative justice.

The AJC’s Advice Sector Panel is responsible for identifying and highlighting issues affecting people who bump up against the administrative justice system.  We put these users at the core of Administrative Justice Council’s work, highlighting problems and suggesting improvements to those stakeholders who can influence change. 

A review of the Advice Panel membership has highlighted a gap – we are not representative of UK not-for-profit organisations and as a result we are not reflecting the experiences of everyone seeking help with the administrative justice system. In particular, those who work specifically with BAME communities are under-represented and we feel the experiences of people from those communities are not well-reflected.

We are looking for people from advice organisations to join the Panel to help address this gap. Suitable organisations could  –

  • Primarily work with BAME community groups
  • Give legal advice (including but not limited to welfare benefits, housing, employment, immigration, disability, debt)
  • Be able to attend quarterly meetings in London (by conference call, if required)

In return, we offer the opportunity to engage and gain profile with high level stakeholders, in order to bring changes to the administrative justice system in a way which will improve the experience of those whose voices are unheard.

To apply, please email using the word ‘Recruitment’ in the subject heading.  Expressions of interest should be no longer than one A4 page giving details of how your organisation meets the above criteria. 

For more information on the Council and the Panel, please have a look at our website