Maurice Sunkin

Professor of Public Law and Socio Legal Studies, UK Administrative Justice Institute

Maurice Sunkin is a Professor in the School of Law. He is General Editor of the journal Public Law and an Associate Member of Landmark Chambers, London. For the parliamentary session 2013-2014 he served as Legal Adviser to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Constitution. He has been a Trustee and management committee member of the Public Law Project (2000-11). Professor Sunkin’s current research work includes leading a nationwide project based at Essex to establish the United Kingdom Administrative Justice Institute.

Professor Sunkin’s principal research interests are concerned with access and use of judicial review, the dynamics of public law (including human rights) litigation, and the impact of litigation and judicial decisions on public bodies and the quality of public services. He also has research interests in the field of administrative justice. He has led ESRC and Nuffield Foundation funded projects on these and related issues.
In 2018 he was appointed QC Honoris Causa for pioneered an empirical approach to the law.