Angela MacDonald

HMRC Director General for Customer Service, HMRC

Angela became HMRC Director General for Customer Services in August 2017 and is accountable for delivering front line services that administer and collect taxes for individuals and small businesses. Customer Services includes the collection of all Taxes debt as well as the administration of Tax Credits and Child Benefit services. She is also the HMRC leader for a number of transformational changes including digital services and focusing on improving the service experience that customers have with HMRC. She is proud to be Wellbeing Champion for HMRC.

She joined the Civil Service in 2009 into the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission to lead the design of new services being offered through Child Support Reforms, followed by becoming Operational Excellence Director at DWP in 2013.
Prior to the Civil Service, Angela worked for 20 years in Financial Services in Operations, Sales and Marketing roles.